Technical Services & Ship Repair Aktivities

What We Offer

We can provide following services to all major Turkish Ports & Straits and also major World Ports & Straighs Riding squads, afloat repairs Cargo hold/ tank cleaning demucking & painting Steel & alumininum profabrication Engine repairs & component reconditioning Boiler repairs Governor repairs Turbochanger repairs Pump & auxiliary marchinery repairs Motor rewinding & vibration analysis Deck machinery, hydraulic & HVAC services In-situ machining and laser alignment In water survey (IWS) and underwater repairs Servicing for marine electronics and radio survey Servicing LSA & FFE & CO2 systems Load testing of cargo gear and LSA Thickness measurement (UTM) and NDT tests Automation, instrumentation & calibration services Accommodation refurbishment We have years of hands on experience in shipyard works as field/ prograss engineers, managers in Turkey’s major yards Our portfolio of repairs both afloat and at drydock covers all major repair works We can provide flying squad service for your urgent needs


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